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While the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) offers unique circumstances, FB Doors Corp is hopeful and diligent in action; monitoring, learning and adapting daily to any newest health guidelines.

During this incredibly difficult time, where many have suffered loss of work or seen their income diminished, FB Doors Corp wants to show its commitment to the local community by offering a combined discount of up to 25% on each total purchase price by paying with cash or check and up to 20% through the most convenient financial options.

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25% off your total purchase

20% off your total purchase

Act now to get
your discount!

We live in South Florida and the hurricane season is coming at a particularly awkward time; even so, our impact-resistant windows & doors and our professional distinctive installation make them the best answer to the toughest weather conditions, keeping homes and families safer and better protected.

Meanwhile, let’s take one day at a time supporting each other, and we will reach the end of this crisis being prepared for the next Hurricane Season.

Replace your windows & doors
and enjoy these benefits:

Lower insurance premiums

Lower your
insurance premiums

Noise reduction


Safety from intruders


Save on energy


Keep your family safe

Protect your family