11Jul 2017
Impact windows Florida

It ought to come back as no surprise that impact resistant windows are the best measure designed to shield your home from the weather, however they will conjointly facilitate protection from other hazards, such as home-invading thieves. Amongst the most common entry forms for home entry for burglars is through broken windows. Burglars generally break the glass of a window or door, permitting them to unlock the unit and enter your home. This methodology is simple and fast, giving them the opportunity break-in […]

02Aug 2017
Miami Impact Windows

Let’s Protect your Home Why do you need to protect your home? Easy, your house is more than just a place where you go every night after work. Your house is the home for your loved ones and much more, in fact, American families know that having property is the smartest investment for their own […]

28Aug 2017
Miami hurricane doors

Why do we need to make our home safe? There are hundreds of answers to this question, but we think that family is the most popular and assertive one. We all want to have a place where we can feel safe and give our relatives the protection they deserve. That’s why at FBDoors we’d love […]

09Nov 2017
Home improvement windows

Living in Florida is awesome, but the irony of living in these beautiful and geographic areas is that while the environment delivers mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine with a peaceful atmosphere, nature sometimes can deliver the severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Homes in Florida are in need of protection from […]

27Dec 2017
BW - Aventura 18

Preparing yourself for hurricane will reduce the severity of a disaster’s effects. The ultimate goal of taking precautions is to lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, to ready an organization for an influx of activity, and to design a coordinated plan that reduces the waste of resources, time, and efforts. Preparing yourself before […]